Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rootin' Tootin'


Whenever my cloak of darkness starts to slip to reveal my snow white roots, I reach for this  little product, 'Color Wow', best described as concealer for  the hair. The missing U bothers me too, let's just  take  minute to bow our heads and mourn  its passing.
I first spotted it last year  in the changing room at the gym, I was utterly mesmerised when a young blonde whipped out this little compact from  her make up bag and  painted out her inch long black roots in less than a  minute.

If anyone is keeping any other  magical grooming tricks involving a  sleight of hand from me, tell me now.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Warm Pleatherette

You know that age old adage, "if you wore it the first time round, skip it the second time"? Well I've cocked a snook at it and I'm back in black. 
Thirty five years later, I have returned to the beloved PVC of my youth. I bought my first pair of PVCs, from Bus Stop when I was 15, what a shop, I was in awe of the excoriating glamour of everyone who worked there, it was the Biba of my generation. The second pair were real leather and quite expensive. I wore them for years until I lost a lot of weight; I didn't want to throw them out, so I took them to a tailor where they were pinned and I insisted: "not too tight over the knees and calves, please." Three weeks later I picked them up and wore them once, at home, for ten minutes. My then boyfriend, now husband, took one look and burst out laughing: "Good God, you look like Max Wall."

Is there anything from your youth which is luring you back with its siren call?

My H&M  £20, 'pleathers', Brora jumper, Johnstons of Elgin scarf.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Treasures That Lie Within Cocktail Hour

The Dorchester  - malt and fig sour recipe - I switch the malt for bourbon.

The Kraken has risen!
Yes I have been slacking, guilty as charged but I have finally emerged  from the torpor of the  seasonal  Saturnalia.
We indulge in Cocktail Hour - erm, make that a loosey goosey  two hours every Friday and Saturday evening.  It's our time to catch up face to face, we may slouch on the sofa nightly watching Vikings to excess - blame Faux Fuchsia for that but nothing brings us together more in our busy lives than the face to face.
I think John Donne called  the vis a vis, "looking babies", the time when, if we look closely,  we see ourselves reflected as  vulnerable babies,  in the pupils of  each others' eyes.

Conversation must be brought to the table, there is nothing worse than supping with one who has zilch to bring to the party, in my 20's, 'he/she doesn't bring much to the party' was the ultimate put down.
After 15/16 years of marriage, I've lost count, and  19 years together, well, we have pretty much excavated  each other's layers as Schliemann did Troy.

all pics: pinterest cocktail board.

And so last  Saturday night we turned to these questions,which are being heralded as 36 questions which will make you fall in love.
Prepare to be  a bit weepy if you choose to answer them.
'Most treasured memory' had both of our lower lips trembling.
Mine involved an ex, he was from New England; I adored his family, I remember lunching and  playing tennis out back with his parents, siblings and their  children, we must have  numbered about 16, never in my life have I had a greater sense of belonging and security - something that has always been missing from my life.
My husband's answer was this: 
 "It was two years ago at Christmas when my mother, who is suffering from dementia and losing her power of speech, gave me a hug as I was leaving and whispered in my ear: "I love you". It was so clear and articulate, but like a beautiful echo from a deep well."

I hope that you get as much out of them as we did.